Abdominal Girth is the measurement of distance around the abdomen at specific point (Belly Button).


  • To determine the growth of the fetus in relation to Gestational Weeks. ( In Obstetrics )
  • To notice obesity.
  • To detect abdominal distention.
  • To measure abdominal fat which increases risk of coronary heart disease.


  • Flexible metal tape.
  • Pen for making mark.


  • Explain the procedure to the mother to gain her confidence.
  • Instruct mother to empty her bladder, it will helpful for relaxation of abdominal muscles and accuracy of finding.
  • Arrange all the articles near the bedside.
  • Provide privacy to the mother.
  • Mother lie on her back with support under head and knees.


  • By Measurement Tape
  • By Finger Method
  1. By Measurement Tape
    • Lay a cloth or soft plastic measuring tape on mother’s abdomen, holding the 0 on tape at the top of the pubic bone.
    • Follow the curve of her abdomen, and hold the tape at the top of her uterus (Fundus of uterus).
    • Write down the number of centimeters from the top of pubic bone to the top of uterus.
  2. By Finger Method
    • While touching the abdomen it should be firm but gentle.
    • Walk our fingers up from the side of her abdomen until we feel the top of her abdomen under the skin, it feel like a hard ball.

At term the abdominal girth is 100cm. with mother of normal BMI.

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